The Project Organisers:

Jędrzej Sabliński is the Managing Director in Poland for the Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema tour. Co-owner and CEO of DI FACTORY, Sabliński has worked in the film industry since 1993. He worked for Kodak as manager of their Polish motion picture products division until 2000, when he joined The Chimney Pot as managing director for Poland. He introduced and developed the digital intermediate (DI) process in Poland and has supervised post-production for over 150 feature films. In 2008 he introduced digital film restoration to Poland and has since overseen digital restorations of over 50 films, including The Saragossa Manuscript, Pharaoh and Knife in the Water.

DI FACTORY was founded in 2012 and specialises in DI and image processing, including digital restoration. It has provided post-production services for some of the most recognized Polish feature films, including the Oscar-winning Ida.

Jacek Sosnowski – An art curator with many years of experience, Sosnowski is also president of Fundacja Propaganda, a non–profit organization established in 2009, to promote the development of contemporary culture, operating in the fields of art, theater and film. The foundation organizes cultural events, carries out an international exhibition program, and acts as an independent publisher.

Maciej Molewski – President of the board of CRF (Digital Film Repository) since 2011, Molewski manages the remastering and distribution of digital collections and has helped coordinate the digital remastering for KinoRP Project. The Digital Film Repository has participated in the digital remastering of more than 120 films.

The Film Foundation – Created in 1990 by Martin Scorsese, The Film Foundation is dedicated to protecting and preserving motion picture history. By working in partnership with the leading archives and studios, the foundation raises awareness of the urgent need for preservation and has saved over 600 films. In addition to the preservation, restoration, and presentation of classic cinema, the foundation teaches young people about film language and history through The Story of Movies, the organization’s groundbreaking educational curriculum that is used by over 100,000 educators nationwide. Joining Scorsese on the board of directors are Woody Allen, Paul Thomas Anderson, Wes Anderson, Francis Ford Coppola, Clint Eastwood, Curtis Hanson, Peter Jackson, Ang Lee, George Lucas, Alexander Payne, Robert Redford, and Steven Spielberg. The Film Foundation is aligned with the Directors Guild of America.


UK Tour

Margaret Bodde and the Film Foundation
Julie Pearce, BFI
Maggi Hurt, BFI
Liz Parkinson, BFI
Clare Harwood, BFI
Marlena Lukasiak, Polish Cultural Institute
Karolina Kolodziej, Polish Cultural Institute
Agnieszka Cieplucha, Polish Cultural Institute
Anna Godlewska, Director Polish Cultural Institute
Kuba Mikurda
Krzysztof Zanussi
Sarah Bemand, Margaret PR
Rod White, Filmhouse
Marjolein den Bakker, Filmhouse
Projection, Filmhouse
Ehsan Khoshbakht
Mehelli Modi, Second Run DVD
Marc David Jacobs, Filmhouse
Kirsty Tough, Filmhouse
Jenny Leask, Filmhouse
Michael Brooke